House & Home

The 10-minute Speed Clean

Are guests on their way over just as you realize that mess has taken over your home? These quick cleaning tips will get the job done in record time. more

Be a Clean Freak…For Less

Regular household products can often pull double-duty as cleaning supplies -- and save you money in the process. more

The Cleaning Cheat Sheet

Working and running errands often leaves little time for family. But would you rather vacuum or play board games on Friday nights? These cleaning shortcuts will get you to the fun part faster. more

Go Green to Save Green

Sure, you recycle and turn off the lights behind you. But there are other surprising steps you can take that will benefit the environment -- and your bank statement. more

5 Cheap and Easy Decorating Ideas

Which sounds better: spending thousands to make over a room or doing it for next to nothing? Here, creative ways to redecorate on the cheap. more

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